Round A: Telenet invests in Spencer

Only 5 months after Spencer’s launch as a company, all of us at November Five and Spencer are proud to announce that we successfully secured a Series A round investment! Telenet, a leading telco operator and part of Liberty Global Group, will drive the next iteration of Spencer’s strategic growth.

We’re extremely proud of this participation with Telenet, and we’re convinced it will take Spencer to the next level.

We developed the first iteration of Spencer at November Five, together with BASE Company, before that was taken over by Telenet. Spencer came into Telenet’s sights and that’s how the participation came to be.

“We’re a 3,200-strong company, and we ourselves see the need for such a tool,” says Dieter Nieuwdorp, Telenet’s Senior Vice-President Strategy & Corporate Development.

“We quickly understood that Spencer is a fine opportunity. This investment fits in Telenet’s long-term strategy to support the growth of promising digital startups through the Telenet Kickstart program. In the long run, we might also offer Spencer to our own customers.”

For now, Spencer is focusing on companies with more than 2.000 employees, with Telenet, Proximus, and DEME leading the pack.

Meanwhile, Spencer has also been selected to present itself at tech and start-up event The Next Web, in Amsterdam on 18 and 19 May.There’s good things in our future…You can read Telenet’s complete press release here.

About Spencer

Spencer is your Personal Assistant at Work, a digital butler to facilitate every employee’s workday, boost employee experience, engagement and productivity. Spencer was founded in December 2016, as a spin-off of November Five. We help our customers improve their employee experience, by moving away from scattered transactions spread over many different systems, to employee-first journeys, where we assist and proactively guide employees through an end to end process, abstracting the complexity of underlying systems. Spencer currently serves over 60.000 employees worldwide, for customers such as Telenet, DEME, Delhaize (Ahold), Proximus, Port of Antwerp, Ferranti, ...