Spencer connects to Attentia's HR & Well-being platform DOTS

[Translation of Attentia's press release]

DOTS, Attentia's digital HR and well-being platform, collaborates with Spencer to reach the employees' smartphones in a highly personal and contextual way.

  • The smart assistant helps employees plan leave and work from home from their smartphone, among other tasks. 
  • Spencer adds this integration of DOTS to the existing collaboration with Microsoft's Office 365.

GENT – Attentia and Spencer are entering a strategic partnership. Spencer's digital assistant will now be connected directly to Attentia's DOTS platform. DOTS is an online platform that combines HR and well-being, stimulates smooth collaboration across departments, and provides the insights employers need to take action. "When developing DOTS, the employee was always front and center, and that will remain our focus going forward," explains Stijn Verstraete, Attentia's Director DOTS.

The initial focus for this partnership is on the integration with DOTS Connected Time, which offers time management with integrated payroll processing. Thanks to Spencer, employees will now also be able to request and approve leave or days to work from home via their smartphone – quick and easy! Spencer can also identify when certain requests for leave create conflicts with existing meetings, and set out-of-office messages automatically – supported by the existing integration with Office 365.

Motivation and ease of use

Spencer and Attentia are both convinced that happy, motivated people drive successful organisations. By joining forces, the digital assistant can bring the employee experience to a new level. The user-friendly, quick and fun way of interacting has a positive impact on employee motivation.

“The unique combination of DOTS and Spencer will leave a mark. Together, we boost employee engagement and performance, focusing on the employee with this great user experience. We're excited to start working with Spencer and start putting new mobile HR and well-being solutions out there."

Stijn Verstraete, Director DOTS, Attentia

“Our HR-oriented journeys are well-received by our clients' employees – after all, they are more than relevant to their daily lives. The strength of DOTS and the intelligence behind Spencer journeys are an excellent duo to empower and engage the employee – anywhere, anytime, on the device we all look at 70x a day."

Maarten Raemdonck, co-CEO, Spencer

Simple implementation

Attentia and Spencer are currently building a reusable connector between the DOTS platform and the mobile assistant. This will allow mutual clients to start implementing this combined technology faster, easier, and and more cost-efficiently. Companies will be able to try out Spencer and DOTS starting this summer.

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About Spencer

Spencer is your Personal Assistant at Work, a digital butler to facilitate every employee’s workday, boost employee experience, engagement and productivity. Spencer was founded in December 2016, as a spin-off of November Five. We help our customers improve their employee experience, by moving away from scattered transactions spread over many different systems, to employee-first journeys, where we assist and proactively guide employees through an end to end process, abstracting the complexity of underlying systems. Spencer currently serves over 60.000 employees worldwide, for customers such as Telenet, DEME, Delhaize (Ahold), Proximus, Port of Antwerp, Ferranti, ...